Crop Protection Products

Deep: Sulphur DP

Sulphur is the fourth major nutrient, after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All crops need it and is absorbed by roots in the form of sulphate ions. However, water soluble sulphate containing fertilizers such as ammonium sulphate, zinc sulphate or potassium sulphate can leach into the soil, reducing their availability to crops and polluting the water table.

In addition to being a nutrient, sulphur is also an age-old broad spectrum contact fungicide and miticide. It is effective in controlling powdery mildew, leaf spots, mites and rust.

Deep, is designed with a high purity elemental sulphur developed for dusting applications. It is shown to be an effective fungicide as it has a particle size of less than 45 microns. It is a stable, and a free-flowing powder that is easy to use and handle.
Sulphur Min. 85% to 99% w/w* range % active available as per requirement
Product Application Recommendations:
Crop Disease Formulation Dose (kg/ha) Dilution in Water (L/ha) No. of treatments
Grapes Powdery mildew and fruit rot 15-20 - 3-5
Groundnuts Tikka 15-20 - 2-3
Beans Rust 15-20 - 1-2
Pea Powdery mildew and rust 15-20 - 3-4
Sorghum Grain smit 3.4 gm/ kg of seeds - 3-4
Rubber Powdery mildew 37.5 - 1-2
Cumin Powdery mildew 15-20 - 1-2
Coriander Powdery mildew 15-20 - 1-2
Tobacco Powdery mildew 100 - 1-2