Crop Nutrition Products

InstaCal 160: Liquid Calcium Concentrate

InstaCal 160 is a concentrated liquid calcium fertilizer designed to mitigate and quench calcium deficiencies in plants by foliar application. It is formulated using food grade calcium chloride, free from harmful impurities, to ensure the safety of the crop and its produce.

InstaCal 160 has also shown to minimize corrosion in machineries far more than other chloride-based products. Therefore, it is extremely easy and safe to use and handle, and has a broad tank-mixability.

InstaCal 160 has time and again demonstrated a high rate of calcium absorption through foliar application, allowing the fruits to grow to their full natural size and preventing cracks and hardening during the growth stage, and hence increasing their quality and shelf-life, and overall marketability.
Calcium Min. 11 % (w/w) 160 g/L
Product Application Recommendations:
  • Cash Crops (cotton, soybean, etc.): 2.5 – 5 ml/ L water, during fruit development.
  • Cereals (rice, wheat, etc) : 2.5 ml/ L water, before flowering.
  • Fruits, nuts and vegetables (tomato, groundnut, etc.): 2.5 – 3 ml/ L, approximately a week before harvesting.
  • Grapes: 2.5 – 5 ml/ L water, during fruit development.
  • Orchards (apples, citrus, etc.): 2.5 – 5 ml/ L water, during fruit set and 5 ml/L before harvesting.