Crop Protection Products

Evaan Gr: Fipronil 0.3% Gr

Evaan Gr is a broad spectrum insecticide with contact and stomach action.

The active ingredient Fipronil disrupts the insect's central nervous system by blocking the passage of chloride ions through the GABA receptor, an inhibitor of the central nervous system.

Evaan Gr also acts as Plant Growth Regulator, which enhances the root growth and results in higher yields. It has shown to have a quick action and l long persistence.

Evann effectively controls insects resistant to other insecticides. It is a non-dusty formulation and has been found easy to broadcast.
Packing Sizes:
1 kg, 5 kg
Fipronil 0.3% (w/w)
Product Application Recommendations:
Crop Pests Recommended Dosage / Ha Waiting Period (Days)
Rice Stem borer, Brown plant hopper, Green leaf hopper Rice leafhopper, Rice gall midge, Whorl maggot, White backed plant hopper 16.67 kg - 25 kg 32
Sugarcane Early shoot borer, Root borer 25 kg - 33.3 kg 9
Wheat Termites 20 kg 91