Crop Protection Products

Tashvin Ultra: Thiamethoxam 30% FS

Tashvin Ultra broad spectrum systemic insecticide recommended for seed treatment.

The active ingredient Thiamethoxam belongs to neonicotinoids class of insecticides, i.e. it acts on the central nervous system of the insects by interfering with their postsynaptic nicotinic acetyl choline receptors site.
Packing Sizes:
250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L
Thiamethoxam 30% (w/w)
Product Application Recommendations:
Crop Pests Recommended Dosage / Ha Waiting Period (Days)
Cotton Aphid, whiteflies, Jassids 10ml 14
Sorghum Shoot fly 10ml 86
Wheat Termites 3.3ml 21
Soybean Shoot fly 10ml 5
Chilli Thrips 7ml 30
Okra (Bhindi/ Ladyfinger) Jassids 5.7ml 21
Maize Stem Fly 8ml 21
Sunflower Jassids, Thrips 10ml 5