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Hariyali Super: Sulphur 90% WDG

Sulphur is the fourth major nutrient after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All crops need it to synthesize essential amino-acids, vitamins and hormones. It is also necessary to synthesize chlorophylls and is widely attributed to treating yellowness of the leaves.

Jaishil’s Hariyali Super, aka “Super” is an advanced dust-free, low dosage sulphur fertilizer suited for soil application. Its particle size has been highly controlled between 2-5 microns, converting elemental sulphur to the soluble and absorbable “sulphate” ion optimally.

Super has shown to be a more efficient source of sulphur than other commercial “sulphate-based” fertilizers, because Super ensures the nutrient is available in the short term and long-term, whereas the soluble sulphate variants are known to leach away into the soil very quickly.

Super has time and again demonstrated enhancement of crop quality and yield by optimizing root development, and increased absorption of nutrients from the soil. It is also a MUST use product to increase oil content in oilseed crops such as mustard, groundnut and peanuts.

It is used to neutralize alkaline/ calcareous soils.
Sulphur 90% (w/w) 900 g/kg
Product Application Recommendations:
  • Cereals (rice, wheat, etc.): 3 kg/ acre approximately 20-30 days after transplanting
  • Cash crops (soybean, cotton, etc.): approximately a month after transplanting.
  • Fruits and vegetables: 3 kg/ acre, approximately a month after transplanting.
  • Oil seeds (groundnuts, mustard, etc.): 3 kg/ acre, approximately a month after transplanting
  • Potato: approximately 6 kg/ acre, during sowing.
  • Sugarcane: 6 kg/ acre, during sowing, approximately 40-60 days after sowing, and approximately 30 days after harvesting.