Crop Protection Products

Ziddi DF: Sulphur 65% + Tebuconazole 10% WDG

Ziddi DF is a broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative, eradicative and creative properties. It contains a synergistic combination of Sulphur and Tebuconazole.

Tebuconazole is a systemic fungicide. Being a Dimethylation Inhibiting (DMI) fungicide, it hinders growth of fungi by attacking their cell walls and suppressing their spore germination.

Sulphur is the 4th major nutrient and is essential ingredient to sustain plant life. In addition to being a nutrient, sulphur is also an age-old broad spectrum contact fungicide, acaricide and miticide. It is effective in controlling powdery mildew, leaf spots, mites and rust.

Formulated as dust-free micro-granules, Ziddi is an easy-to-use product because it disperses instantly in water forming a stable suspension. Its particle size is highly controlled between 2-5 microns, hence it’s application rate is extremely low.

Ziddi DF has shown to be effective against leaf blotch, net blotch, septoria leaf spot, yellow rust, asian rust, brown spot, powdery mildew, dirty panicle & grain discoloration (in rice), fruit rot, pod blight, mites and scabs.
Sulphur 65% (w/w) 650 g/kg
Tebuconazole 10 % (w/w) 100 g/kg
Product Application Recommendations:
Crop Disease Formulation Dose (kg/ha) Dilution in Water (L/ha) Waiting period
Chilli Powdery mildew and fruit rot 1.25 500 5
Soybean Leaf Spot and pod blight 1.25 500 26